Another Successful Week

With another successful group of students certified this week, today I enjoyed a couple fun dives with a great group of guys. Each week is different, a different group dynamic, but all my crews have been great this summer. Teaching this summer has been a challenge to say the least, but I have learned alot about myself, and what I am capable of. I also … Continue reading Another Successful Week

Photographing Dolphins

One of the marine creatures I love to photograph the most are dolphins. Partly because encounters in the wild are rare, but also because when you do encounter them, photographing them can be a challenge to say the least. Having had the privilege to live in the Florida Keys working for 4 summers, I have had a little time practicing photographing these animals. These photographs … Continue reading Photographing Dolphins

Missing the Keys

I dont know if I mentioned before that when I moved here to Oklahoma that I got a job working surveillance at a casino. Your basic job description as a surveillance observer is to observe the actions of the employees and customers of the casino, know the policies and procedures of each department, and report any violations by creating a report including photos and video of the … Continue reading Missing the Keys