About Me

Photo by: Dan Lippitt
Brian Sevald
Metro Detroit Based Freelance Photographer
As a creative professional freelance photographer based in Metro-Detroit Michigan, I currently serve as a team photographer for the Detroit Pistons along fellow team photographer Chris Schwegler. I also have the pleasure of serving as a freelance photographer for the Detroit News as well as C and G Newspapers.  I currently offer and provide freelance photography services for companies, organizations, non-profits and individuals in the Metro-Detroit area. No matter who the client is, I always strive to deliver an amazing product in a professional manner. I am based in Royal Oak but will travel just about anywhere to complete a project if the budget permits. Thank you for your time and don’t hesitate to get in touch about setting up a shoot. Click on the Get In Touch section to get in contact about your project.
Some of my work history:
Team PhotographerThe Detroit Pistons (2016-Present)
Assistant Team PhotographerThe Detroit Pistons (2012-2016)
Freelance PhotographerThe Detroit News (2019-Present)
Freelance PhotographerC and G Newspapers (2012-Present)
PhotographerCranbrook Schools Summer Camps (Summer 2018-Present)
House Photographer313 Presents (2017-2018)
House PhotographerPalace Sports and Entertainment (2016-2017)
Scuba InstructorFlorida Sea Base (Summers 2011, 2012)
DivemasterFlorida Sea Base (Summers 2007, 2010)
RangerPhilmont Scout Ranch (Summers 2008, 2009)
Photo EditorGrand Valley Lanthorn (2009-2010)
Assistant Photo EditorGrand Valley Lanthorn (2008-2009)
PhotographerGrand Valley Lanthorn (2007-2008)
About me Continued:
Photo by: Brian Sevald
In addition to my photography career, I have spent time as a Scuba Instructor in the Florida Keys, I briefly served as a private investigator in the Detroit area, guided backpacking trips in New Mexico, and worked as a surveillance technician at a casino in Oklahoma. Still, photography remains my passion.  My first point and shoot film camera got me hooked on image making at an early age. A few years later, I was gifted an old polaroid camera and was Intrigued by the instant image making aspect of the device. With only a few photos per cartridge, one had to be a little more conservative than we are used to now with digital. But it was still all about capturing what I saw, and telling a story with images. Photography became a hobby, and a daily activity. By the time I got my first digital camera in 2004 I had started to develop a passion for photography. The little pentax digital camera was only 3.1 megapixels, but it opened up a world of creativity never possible before. I began to take that little digital point and shoot on all of my adventures, using it as a storytelling tool and beginning to use photography as a creative medium. Before I new it, I had created some images I was really proud of at the time. It wouldn’t be until years later that closer to my full potential would be tapped. My professional career first began when I joined the Grand Valley Lanthorn, the student run newspaper at Grand Valley State University in the fall of 2007.I had begun to develop an even more profound interest in photography after spending the summer in the Florida Keys as a divemaster. Giving me countless hours to make underwater images. I brought that passion back with me to school, and dove in head first trying to learn all he could about professional photography, photojournalism, and portraiture. After spending a year as a staff photographer at the Lanthorn, I eventually worked my way up to Assistant Photo Editor and then Photo Editor. Throughout my career at the Lanthorn I photographed many of the University’s events and sports. After graduating from GVSU in 2010 I began freelancing for C and G Newspapers as a photographer and as a photo assistant for commercial photographers Steve Lengnick and Dan Lippitt. In 2012 I began as a photo assistant for Allen Einstein who was the Detroit Pistons team photographer at the time. This was a wonderful learning experience and an invaluable resource, giving me the ability to branch out on my own. I credit much of my knowledge and skill development to the photographers who hired me, but also helped form my photography career to be what it is today.

Underwater Photography Experience:
Photo by: Scott Patton
An excerpt from a PDF fish identification book I wrote while teaching diving at Florida Seabase. The pdf is geared towards helping new divers identify common marine life they may encounter in and around the Florida Keys. (Download the PDF here)
“Being involved in the Boy Scouts of America is what brought me to the Florida Seabase for the first time in the summer of 2004. I was a relatively new diver, with only about 50 or so dives under my belt mostly in the lakes and quarries of Michigan and Ohio. The ocean was a new adventure for me. Coming down to the keys opened up a new chapter in my curiosity and love for the water. I had the privilege of coming back on another scuba adventure the next summer in 2005. It was on those scuba adventures that I decided that I wanted to work at Sea Base. The experience that my divemasters gave me during those summers is what truly inspired me to come back and give the scouts that same great experience. Finally in the summer of 2007 I got to serve as a divemaster. I used some of my graduation money to buy my first underwater housing for a point and shoot camera. Photography had always been a passion of mine, but the equipment can be expensive. My first setup was not high end, but it did the trick, and many of the photographs in this book were taken with that trusty old Canon Powershot A620. I got four years of learning and shooting with it before I finally flooded it and it was sacrificed to the sea. I quickly obtained another camera and housing through a trade of some scuba gear and was back in business. During the school year I worked for my university news paper in Michigan and learned even more about photography, cameras, lighting and absorbed as much of it as I could. I eventually became the Photo Editor of the newspaper in my senior year at the university. The summer of 2007 was my first summer as a divemaster. I then spent the summers of 2008 and 2009 out at Philmont as a ranger, where I got to practice more photography. There was plenty to take photos of, majestic views, landscapes, bears, elk, deer, and more. It was a completely different environment, and it had its own set of challenges to go with it. With an already heavy pack, camera gear only added to the pounds. However, no matter how heavy my pack was, I always made room for my camera. With all its beauty, it still wasn’t the same as drifting in the warm Florida Keys ocean currents with wildlife everywhere you look. So in the summers of 2010 and 2011 I came back. This summer will mark my 5th season at Seabase and I am looking forward to a great summer. I hope that you can utilize this book, and that you are inspired by the beauty of the Florida Keys the same way I am on every single dive, no matter if it is your 1st, or 100th dive in the keys. Happy Diving.”
Underwater Photography Portfolio