Photographing Dolphins

One of the marine creatures I love to photograph the most are dolphins. Partly because encounters in the wild are rare, but also because when you do encounter them, photographing them can be a challenge to say the least. Having had the privilege to live in the Florida Keys working for 4 summers, I have had a little time practicing photographing these animals.

These photographs were taken from a moving dive boat between 2010 and 2011. The majority of them were taken from the swim platform. A couple of them were taken from the upper deck of the 46′ Newton Dive Special. You can tell by the angle which shots these are. At the right Rpm’s the dolphins love to play in the rather large wake created by the boat. Giving a quick photographer an awesome opportunity for some exciting shots. Sometimes the encounter only lasts seconds, other times the dolphins stay with the boat for a few minutes before taking off to frollick elsewhere. These are some of my best dolphin shots from the past two years. I hope to possibly get a couple more this summer, but we will see.

Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Royal Oak, MI

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