Missing the Keys

I dont know if I mentioned before that when I moved here to Oklahoma that I got a job working surveillance at a casino. Your basic job description as a surveillance observer is to observe the actions of the employees and customers of the casino, know the policies and procedures of each department, and report any violations by creating a report including photos and video of the incident. It can be interesting and it can be a little boring at times. Once a week we have to go across the street to a smaller casino and work it by ourselves. It can get boring over here. There arent a lot of people in the casino, there are usually actually more people in the restaurant next door than in the casino. The day shift can be slow though. I read Captain Steve’s blog this morning, and he has been working on summer hiring. I hope that I will find out soon if I am hired or not, because I am seriously starting to have withdrawls from diving. Katie got hired in Florida a long time ago, and it would be nice to know that I was hired as well… I will nevertheless wait until Friday when Captain Steve said he would be sending out the first set of hire emails. I hope I will recieve one. All in all surveillance isnt a bad job. When stuff is going on, and there are actions to watch, it is much more interesting. But I miss working outside, the ocean, and the mountains. I guess I have to grow up sometime right… Hopefully I will be able to spend one more summer in Florida with my love Katie Jo and then figure out what the heck I want to do with my life. The inevitable question that I never know the answer to. But all I can think about right now is diving, and giving a new group of kids the summer of their lifetime, even if its only a week at a time. You never truly realize how much it means to you until you don’t have it anymore. I have been working dilligently on a project that hopefully I will get to use this summer. Over the three summers I have worked at Seabase I have collected quite a few photographs. I now have almost finished a reef fish identification presentation that covers all the basic and most common fish species in the keys. I have over 50 slides and even more types of fish in the presentation. Hopefully I will get hired and will be able to use it this summer. So I guess I should get back to work 😉 Hopefully good news will be coming this way soon, I would welcome a hire email from Captain Steve any day! I need to find something to photograph this afternoon. I havent taken any pictures in a while 😦 I need to make some time to take some photos. It is something that always makes me feel good. Maybe I’ll take some photos of the moon and stars tonight if its clear. I need to get some better shots of the moon and the stars. The last time I took shots of the stars I formatted the card without thinking a couple days later and lost them all… what an idiot  I know…  

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