Wrestling Districts at Utica High 2/5/14

Yesterday I covered wrestling districts at Utica High for C and G Newspapers ( candgnews.com ) This is only the third or fourth time I have covered wrestling since I started shooting for the GVSU Lanthorn in 2006. So suffice to say I am not familiar with all the nuances of the sport having not wrestled myself in high school. Needless to say the match … Continue reading Wrestling Districts at Utica High 2/5/14

Been a while

Its been a while since I have made a post. Still shooting many different things and keeping busy, from Notre Dame Prep’s basketball games to going to court to photograph an alleged murderer, it has been an interesting couple of months.  Since the last time I posted I have come to the realization I need to clean up my portfolio on a pretty significant level. … Continue reading Been a while

Clawson High School Football Vs. Warren Lincoln 10/11/13 – Homecoming

Tonight I had the pleasure of shooting Clawson High Vs. Warren Lincoln. This high school game turned out to be even more exciting than I anticipated. The action was exciting, the crowd was into the game, the atmosphere was perfect. If only Pistons games were on this level, lol, just kidding… See for yourself. 🙂 Check out all my favorite images here: http://briansevald.smugmug.com/Sports/Football/Clawson-High-School-Vs-Lincoln/32489759_w6kXQc#!i=2827224996&k=4kVL6h9 Continue reading Clawson High School Football Vs. Warren Lincoln 10/11/13 – Homecoming

Back at it! New Pistons Season Has Arrived

Ever since last season I have been patiently waiting for the beginning of the NBA season. Last year I had the privilege of shooting all the Pistons home games and having my images with a partial photo credit sent to the NBA for use on their sites as well as seeing some of my images show up on Sports Illustrated’s websites and others. I am … Continue reading Back at it! New Pistons Season Has Arrived


Today while working on assignment for the paper I met a very interesting and inspiring individual. He takes care of and maintains a 1970 Mustang which he as owned since it was built. The inspiring part comes when you learn that the man is blind. He cannot view his hard work the way that most people can, and he cannot see to drive his beautiful … Continue reading Inspiration

Memphis Grizzlies Vs. Detroit Pistons

Tonight’s game wasn’t too terribly exciting. In fact, it was a little dissapointing. No wonder the stadium has been less than half full all season, filling to 3/4 only when the Heat, Lakers, or Clippers are in town. Tayshaun and Austin Daye returned to the Palace today for the first time as Grizzlies. I made more of an effort to make interesting images, and I … Continue reading Memphis Grizzlies Vs. Detroit Pistons