Detroit Zoo


A day without creating images seems like a lost day to me sometimes, even when I accomplish other tasks that just may be more important. The other day, Katie and I went to the zoo, so naturally I took the opportunity to shoot. It was a nice day in the 70s so not uber hot, and it was sunny. I captured some good images, and one that I am more proud of. We were in the tunnel underneath the Polar Bear exhibit, and Katie almost started shouting “look!” a bear was swimming in the water towards the tunnel. There were a few people in the tunnel, and I wasnt on assignment, and I wasnt getting paid, so I wasnt about to shove my way through a crowd to maybe get a shot. The glare on the glass of the tunnel proved a little difficult to shoot through, and my first few images didnt come out very good because of this. However, the bear made a second pass over the tunnel, pretty much right over me and Katie, and I was able to capture a decent image.



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