Recent Work

So my posts lately have gotten few and far between. I have been fairly busy, working, working, and working.

I have been busy shooting for C and G as well as working with a Pro Photog in the area. A couple of the assignments for C and G were rather enjoyable. I like shooting sports, but anything that makes an interesting image is fun to photograph. Getting to use longer exposures at the Relay for Life event in Clinton Twp brought out a more creative side of me, and I was able to mess around with exposure times without really worrying about making a perfect image.

Admittedly I really miss the Pistons games and am looking forward to shooting that again in the fall if the opportunity arises. With any luck I will get to shoot them again, and hopefully they will do a little better next season. For now, I am having a great time doing what I am doing, and continuing to learn and look for more work.

FL-BerkleyDays-22 FL-BerkleyDays-24 Mercy Tennis RO-Base-36relay-1

ChefRoryAtlas-6 Family in Black and White. Photo by: Brian Sevald

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