Chicago Bulls Vs. Detroit Pistons / Salt and Pepa Halftime

Last night’s game was a refreshing change from the loses we have sustained for a while now. It was good to see the Pistons finally win a game. Though I am told they will get a better draft pick the more games they lose, so maybe they just should have lost. I showed up early as usual to make sure that the remotes were in working order, and that the overhead camera was functioning. There was a Pistons Academy going on when I arrived, it is good to see young kids excited about a sport, even when their hometown team isn’t doing so hot. I guess to kids their age, stats, scores, and numbers don’t mean a whole lot, they will idolize whoever is playing for the Pistons. After checking all the wires and setting up the cameras I got to shoot flight crew as they came in to perform for the Pistons Academy. I took advantage of the opportunity to shoot available light, since I have to shoot with lights for the duration of the game. I came away with some pretty good images even in the lowly lit Palace. When it came to game time, my backboard remote decided to stop working. Rather than sacrifice any good images I could make with my handheld cameras, I opted to try and fix it at half time. With Salt and Pepa’s performance startign immediately after the players left the floor, it was difficult to get the ladder under the basket and figure it out. I went up the ladder, checked everything, reset the camera and the pocketwizard. It seemed to be fine. Soon the game started again. The remote fired successfully only about twice. Then ceased to work for the rest of the game. My guess is the batteries in the pocketwizard on the backboard were low, because my transmitting pocketwizard set off my overhead camera successfully the whole game.

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