Star Trail Photography Continued

Star Trail Photography Attempt 2

Tonight I tried once again to put together a decent star trail photo using my canon 20d and a decent manfrotto tripod. Unfortunately there is a lot of light pollution in my area, so the number of stars you can see in the shot is limited. But I will definately be setting up this shot in the future when I am in an area with more stars. Check my previous blog entry for a tutorial I found that explains well how to capture a star trail photo such as this.

This photo is a set of 203 thirty second exposures then compiled with the Star Trails freeware for PC that is mentioned and linked in the tutorial noted in my previous blog entry. It can also be used to create a time lapse video using the same frames. It has proved to be a very useful little piece of software. Kudos to the creators, and for making it freeware. That is all for tonight. Take care. – Brian

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