Birmingham Seaholm Vs. Troy High Boys Water Polo

This evening I shot the Birmingham Seaholm and Troy High boys water polo game. I went because I wanted to see my cousin play, but as I can’t keep my hand off my camera, I went and took pictures as well. I am getting a little better at water polo, the lighting conditions aren’t great in most pools. Shooting at F 2.8 I still had to bump my ISO up to 1000 to get any decent exposure speeds. Overall I am happy with the shots, and even at ISO 1000 the noise was not noticeable. I hope to keep improving my shots, and to perfect shooting the sport someday, as of right now it is still new to me, and I am still learning. If you would like to view the rest of the photos or attended the event, or are on either of the teams, you can visit my photo store to view the photos. The photos are available for purchase in print or digital format. the game album I am refering to in this post is thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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