Experimenting with star trail photography

So tonight I tried once again to capture a star trail. I set my camera up for an extra long exposure, for about 40 minutes. Again it failed miserably. So I decided to finally do some research.
I found this tutorial via google, and it provided just what I needed, directions, and even freeware to go with it. It was exactly what I needed.

You can check it out here –> http://www.jamesvernacotola.com/Resources/How-To-Photograph-Star-Trails/12233655_V7cX4D He does a good job explaining it even to inexperienced photographers. I made one attempt, it was only 80 images out of the 250 that the author recomends, so I will be trying again tomorrow night provided that it is a clear night. The moon also creeped into my shot which is mentioned by the author as something not to let happen. So I will try to avoid that tomorrow. Goodnight all.

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