In Michigan

With the sun going down, the field and the players glowed a golden shade of the retreating sun.

So after a 1600 mile drive we made it to Michigan. In a couple days we will head down to the keys. While I have been home I had the pleasure of shooting one of my cousin’s soccer games. The lighting was challenging. The sun was going down and it was almost at the horizon, casting an orange glow on everything. While it created an interesting effect, it was an unnatural color. I decided in the end that I liked the color and left it that way without applying a cooling filter. It brings out colors you might not normally notice in a sports photograph. This photograph on the left is the best of the bunch. I only shot for about 20 minutes. It was an interesting shoot. So on Thursday the long anticipated trip to the Florida Keys for the summer is here. I can’t wait to dive and shoot underwater again. I will be itching for my days off to come up, so I can shoot on a couple dives every week. That is all for now folks.

Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Royal Oak, MI

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