Keys Bound


So I finally received word from FSB a couple weeks ago. Looks like I will be heading back with Katie after all! It was a long awaited confirmation, but a welcome one. I sent in my application in October, a little early maybe lol…

As of two days ago I have finished Edition II of Florida Sea Base Reef Fish Identification. It is a book that contains the common Keys fish one may encounter while diving in the FLorida Keys. I sorted through literally thousands of photos I had taken over a 6 year period of on and off working in the Keys for summer or christmas seasons. I then sorted them by common name and type of fish, and began writing and formatting a book for use as a reference guide for scouts and scouters at Sea Base to use during their week adventure at the base. I have spent the last few months editing and putting the final touches on it. Its’ aim is to give the scouts and scouters of the Florida Sea Base a basic reference guide and basic information of the common Keys fish. Edition two might be complete, but I am not done yet. This summer I hope to collaborate with other staff members to collectively write, photograph and edit for a third more complete edition and valuable, original resource to leave behind for future generations of scouts.

Life at the casino is still good. Surveillance is more or less interesting. I would much rather be diving every day, but I can’t do that my whole life. I told my managers that I would most likely be leaving in May. It wasn’t a good feeling to tell them I was jumping ship, but they understand I think. I like my job at the casino… but I love the Keys.

I recently got to shoot both Katie’s and one of her friend’s graduation photos. I am not new to shooting portraits, but shooting graduation or senior photos is a little different. It is always a learning experience every time I shoot, so I was glad to get a little more experience. We went to a few spots on the Oklahoma State campus, and Katie was happy with the results. She has already mailed out invitations to her grad party. She hand made them, such a crafty girl 🙂

I am looking forward to another great summer, and have many plans for the scuba classes I will teach, as well as the ongoing Reef Fish Identification Project.

Check out two new albums I just posted on my Facebook, one from the Oklahoma Aquarium featuring images I captured there.. and one from the Fort Worth Zoo. My Facebook Photography Page

That is all for now my friends.

Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Stillwater, Oklahoma


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