Power of the Y and Berkley Vs. Ferndale Girls Varsity Basketball

Today I had two gigs, one my mother volunteered me for, and was the most work of course. She volunteered me to film some testimonials given by individuals that are given scholarships to participate in activities and use the South Oakland YMCA because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to afford to. The testimonials were given at a luncheon in front of an audience. Since I wanted to do the best job possible, I ended up filming from 4 different angles, and recording the sound track separately. Lets just say I have my editing cut out for me. It does feel great to give back to the organization that helped shape me as a child and young adult, since I spent most of my childhood at the Y. Hopefully I will have an edited video to share soon.

The next gig I had was an evening basketball game that I shot for c and g newspapers. http://www.candgnews.com I thoroughly enjoyed the game between Ferndale and Berkley. Both teams played hard and fought until the end. It was a close game throughout. It was almost as exciting as some of the better pistons games, but I guess that isn’t too hard to do as of late. I came away with some decent images. I will say Berkley’s gym is fairly dark, so I did have to bump the ISO and shoot at a slower shutter speed than I would have liked to in some situations. Click on the images to enlarge. To see all my best images from the game at Hi Res click here: http://briansevald.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/Basketball/Berkley-Vs-Ferndale-Varsity/

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