Back at it.

So it has been a relatively long time since I have posted. Fall is here and sports assignments for the paper are picking up. I have been shooting soccer and football pretty regularly. Both sports end with games in the evening hours under artificial light. I find myself trying to get the shots I need before the sun goes down. But this isnt always possible. I have found I may need a new 70-200. I am not getting as many sharp frames as I used to. Admittedly, I may have dropped it once or twice pretty good, so its really no surprise. I have also had a couple chances to experiment with lighting, and smoke. In the self portrait you can see below, I tried to light smoke rings on a black background. It went pretty good but I would like to keep trying different techniques. Then finally I still enjoy taking photos at family functions. I think the people you care about make great subjects, and sometimes ridiculous subjects. My cousins are usually a pain, but make great photos if you can control them a bit lol. I have also found myself with several memory cards worth of photos waiting to be edited, while the paying gigs take priority. Hopefully will have much more to share soon. Enjoy the gallery below and have a great day.

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