Wrestling and Snowshoeing

Saturday I covered wrestling at Warren Fitzgerald for C and G Newspapers www.candgnews.com The second time in a few days that I have covered the sport. It is definitely not a sport for the faint of heart. Going toe to toe with an opponent is probably unlike most conventional high school team sports. Since I am still using a 1d mk ii I had to deal with the dimly lit gym, and had to bump my iso quite a bit to make a proper exposure. Grain is better than darkness I suppose. The gym at Fitzgerald was pretty comparable to the lighting a Utica High the other day, and my settings were fairly similar. Utica may have a been a stop or a stop and a half brighter. Most of my shots at Fitzgerald were around 1/200 iso 1600 f2.8 as compared to 1/320 with the same settings. I definitely prefer sports assignments, but wrestling is a little more difficult simply because 4 matches are going on at once, and the sports department needs photos of multiple athletes from multiple schools for publication. Since C and G covers 18 local communities, I had the task of including several schools at this regional meet in my shooting. It wasn’t easy, but I got 2 or 3 matches of the requested schools. They may not have been the top wrestlers, or the best matches, but I did what I could since I wasn’t told to cover a certain athlete.

View the rest of the images at http://briansevald.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/Wrestling/Wrestling-Districts-at-Warren/

And finally today I covered a Snowshoe demo trek at the Farmington Hills Nature Center at Heritage Park. The guide Carol Fink fitted a group with snowshoes and guided them on a tour of some of the trails. Some people even brought their own snowshoes. It was a beautiful sunny day and people were enjoying themselves. It was a fun assignment. I would never pass up an opportunity to head out to the woods. My outdoor research gaiters proved their worth as well walking through easily knee deep snow.

View the rest of the images at: http://briansevald.smugmug.com/Events/Snowshoe-Trek-at-Heritage-Park

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