Cavaliers vs. Pistons a Photographic Endeavour Every Game


Tonight’s Pistons game was more energetic and interesting. The game was more fast paced than the last few have seemed, and the crowd was even seemingly more energized. I am not sure what it was that made the game feel that way, since the stadium was still only at less than half its’ capacity. I had a good game and made some good images. Overall I am happy with my image making lately at the games. Though I am wanted to upgrade my cameras, and think about it every time I take a photo. No matter, even if I did go and get a 5d mk III, as soon as I do, I will want the next release that is even better than that.exciting and interesting. I am still rocking 2 canon 20d’s and a 40d and a 50d. I shoot primarily with the 40 and 50 and use the 20ds as remotes. When using the speedotron lights, the 20ds performaa530772_10151274246893160_91256777_n just fine even with less expensive glass. This is because the focus is set manually, and the lights provide all the light you could need. This past game I shot two remotes in addition to my two cameras. I shot an overhead remote (see upper left) that was directly wired into the sync with the lights and fired by a pocketwizard, and a behind the backboard camera (see right) that was wired into a different set of lights so that the two could be fired in close succession to each other without waiting for the packs to recharge. Shooting a total of four cameras was a little daunting, but in the end I was happy with my images and would definitely not hesitate to shoot like that again, provided that everything went as smoothly as it did this time. Check out the entire album of photos on my smugmug site click here  or to view some of the photos on my facebook photography page click here. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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