Late Night Photography

Laying on my hood under the stars
Shutter Speed: 30 sec, ISO: 400, F Stop: 8.0 (To try and keep everything in focus in the low light). It ended up being an ok image but I want to work on it a little more.

A couple nights ago I tried some long exposures. I was able to get one ok image. It was a partly cloudy night, and the stars were somewhat blocked by the clouds. There is also a streetlight close to where I was shooting that made it hard to capture natural light and keep the white balance set correctly since I had light coming from the moon and the street light. I would like to try it again on a clear night. It has also inspired me to look for other locations that would have the same desired look, but with a more natural background. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll have some better images for you. I still haven’t recieved a hire email from Sea Base, or any indication otherwise. Capt. Steve did say on his blog yesterday  Some of you who have applied for summer have received contract information from Cheryl Ferreri.  Don’t panic if you haven’t.  I am working feverishly to get through the applications and references and will be contacting you soon – either way.  If you have not received an email or phone call saying you are NOT being hired then you are still under consideration.” So that is relatively good news, though a hire letter would make me feel alot better since Katie has been hired already. Today he notes on his blog that ” I spent two hours on the phone being interviewed by a PADI Educational Consultant for my Course Director application process.  The remainder of the day was spent on summer staff hiring.” So that is hopefully some evidence that I will be recieving some communication soon. I could just call and ask him. But he has specifically asked on his blog to not call or email with questions related to summer hiring saying that it will only delay the process further. So I will be controlling myself. My good friend Nathaniel Erwin recieved a call from the base yesterday asking if he could arrive at the base one day earlier. This was only a question, and he was not yet hired, still only being considered. So we will see what happens soon enough I suppose. Damn I miss the Keys. Thats all for now.

-Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Stillwater, OK

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