Learn Something New Every Day

Today I learned how to install a screen protector the right way 😉 For a long time I was buying 3 packs of screen protectors and going through 2 or 3 of them immediately trying to install one without bubbles. Well needless to say it was frustrating. So in my researching online, I found a post saying that if you do it right, even the cheaper screen protectors can be installed without bubbles. Heres how.

You Need:

A spray bottle with water and a little bit of dish soap.

Your screen protector

Your phone

This may sound crazy, but all you have to do, is peel the protective coating off the screen protector, and spray the water onto the side of the screen protector you are going to install onto the phone. Don’t spray the phone. Then apply it to the phone. Use the card provided with the protector, or use a credit card to smooth out the bubbles. The water and soap allow any dust trapped under the plastic to be squeezed out rather than sticking to the protector. I would recommend being careful how much you spray on the film, as too much water could damage your phone. As you smooth out the bubbles, the water also slides out, be careful around any buttons or openings on the phone. It worked just like a charm for me on my iphone 4. Gonna be doing it this way from now on. Hope this helps anyone who’s had trouble in the past with screen protectors like I have. 🙂

Our cat Harley makes every day interesting. Shes still a kitten at heart and loves to tear up paper for some reason. But after a long day of play, shes all tuckered out. I’m anxiously awaiting hopefully a email from Captain Steve on Friday saying that I’ve been hired for the summer. We’ll see what happens with that. Thats all for now folks. Goodnight from Stillwater.

-Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Stillwater, OK

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