Well here goes. Pistons here we come.

For the past two years, I have had the privilege to be able to photograph the Detroit Pistons at every home game. This has proved to be a huge learning experience for me. This year will be my third year, and hopefully not my last. It was at the Pistons that I first started to realize the extent that you could use artificial light and flash. It was at the Pistons that I learned about remote lighting, remote cameras, pocketwizards, sync cables stretching 150 or more feet, all for the purpose of shooting a pro sporting event. Its kind of crazy really, the setup that goes into a few hundred photos in the end. Sports and nature are probably my two favorite things to photograph. But getting to photograph Pro sports is unbelieveable. It would be even more unbelieveable if the Pistons end up doing well this season. Here are a few of my selects from this season so far. All photos copyright: Brian Sevald.

All photos copyright: Brian Sevald.

All in all I am grateful to have the opportunity to photograph the team again. It is an honor, and I will be grateful for every frame. I hope to learn even more, to grow as a photographer, and create some meaningful, lasting, quality images.


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