Flash from the past, Creativity Challenge

This past summer, my family joined some family friends in Canun. I like to travel light, and sometimes I end up leaving things behind I would have rather not left behind. But such is life. I wanted to take dive gear, and camera gear. Both of which take up lots of room. So I decided I couldnt bring my underwater camera gear, it just wasnt happening. Dive gear was a go, when else was I going to get to dive cozumel. And that left the limited camera gear I could take. I ended up taking it as a creativity challenge. While it was difficult in itself, I especially misjudged how many wide shots I would want to take. But I stuck to my challenge, more because I had not choice than anything. I used a canon 1dmkii and a 50 1.4 for the entirety of the trip. All of the images below were shot with that combination. Photos copyright: Brian Sevald

It proved to be fairly difficult, but at the same time liberating, not having to think about switching lenses was interesting. I knew that whatever the conditions I had to try and make the shot work with the equipment I had. If I was forced into the same situation again, I would welcome it, but maybe use a different lens. maybe a 35 or wider prime lens.


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