Birmingham Seaholm Water Polo Vs. Chelsea and Troy High

I am getting a little better at water polo. This weekend I  shot water polo twice. The quality of my shots are getting better, but they still need some touching up in lightroom. The lighting in the pools is absolutely horrible, even with a 2.8 lens I am still slightly dissapointed. I am fortunate that I can run iso 1000 without much noise. I really would like a body that can run at higher iso’s no problem. But the limitation of funds is always the problem isnt it. Here is the link to the Seaholm vs. Chelsea match on 10-19-12

I believe the lighting was slightly better at Ann Arbor, but it was only slightly better. Seaholm’s and Ann Arbor’s pools are well lit to the naked eye, but are not well lit for photographing. I had no problem with white balance, but both pools are dark. Thank goodness for lightroom, and a 2.8 lens.  The equipment I used at both of these games was a canon 40d, a sigma 70-200 F2.8 mounted on a manfrotto monopod.  The link to the Seaholm / Troy High water polo game on 10-18-12  Hope you enjoy the photos and have a great day.

Brian Sevald
Royal Oak, MI

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