Back In Business

The wind died down a bit yesterday enough to let the boats venture out. It was a rough set of dives from what I heard from the other divemasters as I was in the classroom with Mike and I’s new certification crew. They attempted a dive at Alligator resulting in no viz. Reed who jumped in for conditions stated that he couldn’t see his own fins in the water. They then travelled up to Davis where they were able to find 15 ft viz. Mike and I spent the afternoon with our cert crew and got through chapters 1-3 yesterday. Today is Mike’s day off and I will guide the crew through 4 and 5 and maybe a couple confined water dives if we have time.

I have obtained a new camera! Yay! so I am back in business. Here are some of the images I have gotten so far since my last posts.

This pair of goldentail moray eels I found on Alligator reef during a night dive a couple weeks ago. This is the only time I have ever seen two eels in the same hole.

I was cruising down the reef on the same dive and this rock hind caught my eye. He was munching on a fish I have yet to identify if anyone knows what fish this guy is eating please let me know.

Isabelle is always a cool sight on Alligator. Whoever named her was wrong on the gender however, because she is in fact a he. He finds ledges and gets up underneath them rubbing his shell to clean it we think.

That is all for now.

Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Islamorada, Fl

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