Again tragedy strikes, I have flooded yet another camera. I believe it to be my own fault, something on the housing o-ring caused the housing to leak I believe. Luckily it only flooded a little and my memory card was not affected. I ended up completely disassembling my camera in an attempt to fix it, or find the corrosion, but was unable to fix it. I guess I could use the DAN equipment insurance that applies to cameras.

Here is what a Canon G11 looks like almost completely disassembled. It wasn’t easy getting it back together either. The camera now turns on but the screen does not function properly so it will be rather useless for my purposes underwater. So until I acquire a new G11 I am cameraless. I don’t like being without a camera. I still have my 20ds but don’t have a housing for them. So it is a no go for underwater photography for a while.

Brian Sevald
Scuba Instructor
Islamorada, Fl

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