Youth Basketball

Today I shot my cousin max’s basketball game up at Troy High. It was the second to last game of their season. Shooting youth basketball is a lot different than shooting the Pistons, but has some similarities as well, because the same game is being played, just on different levels. I had to bump my ISO pretty high in the dimly lit gym, and certain areas of the court resulted in darker images because of the difference in lighting over certain areas. But I grabbed a few good images, and my cousin scored 2 baskets 🙂 He is already a better athlete than I was. I wasn’t coordinated enough for sports like basketball. I stuck to martial arts and running. Anyway check out the photos, and enjoy! View the entire album of photos here –!i=2378359579&k=5rsHCqX


Max Basketball
Max making his way up the court with the ball.
One of max’s teammates handing the ball.

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